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The Pump House - Pop in for Breakfast


Alders Farm Pumphouse

The Pumphouse offers a full range of catering and fishing baits for sale, so there's no need for the fish or fishermen to go hungry. The 'Hut' is of brick and tile construction and boasts over 50 squared meters to welcome all. The French windows open onto an extended platform that overlook the main Ash Lake.

Why not enjoy a very Big Breakfast?

Why not enjoy a Full English Breakfast? The Alders Farm Pumphouse Breakfast will see you through the day and can be arranged prior to Club Match Draws. Sit out on the platform that overlooks the main Ash Lake and enjoy a Coffee or Tea with an arrangement of local produce prepared by our own catering staff.

Alders Farm Pellets & Other Baits

Only Alders Farm Pellets are allowed at the fishery, you can be assured we have plenty in stock and you can purchase your requirements along with a full range of other baits from the Pumphouse prior to starting fishing.

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