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Welcome to Alders Farm Bench Rest (AFBR) Competition 2023

AFBR is a bench rested target competition for range members and none members running over the course of 12 monthly rounds for 2023.

Below you will find:
The Rules and definitions.
Scoring Rules.
Example bench/range picture and notes.
Score board link 

This competition is designed to be fun, friendly, and to improve your shooting. In the interest of fairness all scoring will be done by member Dan M. Dan will be entering the competition but not eligible for any prizes. His scores will also be cross checked by Mike. Dan will be collecting cards weekly and then entering scores on a google document for easy viewing. Cards are available for £1 (cash only) from a member of the Alders team.


Press me to go to scoresheet


This is a benchrest competition. The shooter will remain seated whilst the rifle remains rested on a solid platform. Using the Alders official competition cards (available for purchase from the shop); These are to be shot in one sitting at a range of 25 Yards in the indoor range. Purchase price is £1 (cash) each card.  
There will be 3 classes. Recoilless, Recoiling, and Recoilless spring.
The competition will run for the period of January 2023 to December 2023 consisting of 12 rounds. 10 of which will be eligible for scoring.
Entries are to be shot in the month they are for and handed in at the shop.


There will be a monthly round winner for each class and an end of rounds champion for each class.


The 'bench' is the Existing range benches at the indoor range. The shooter is to remain seated at the bench for the duration of 25 targets shot.
The 'rest' will consist of front and rear rests allowing the rifle to be supported without aid from the shooter.

The front and rear rests must not be joined in any way and be independent of each other.

Rests must not clamp the rifle in any way. Such that if the rifle is lifted it comes freely from its rests.

Front rests may incorporate elevation and windage adjustment.
Bipods are allowed if they are fixed to the rifle and rest freely on the bench.
Rear rests may be omitted during shooting if the competitor chooses so.
During shooting the competitors trigger hand and shoulder should be in contact with the gun.

The "open" class will include all PCP and c02 air rifles – as well as any rifles that do not fall into another category. 
The "recoiling" class will include all springers and gas-rams that do not have any recoil compensation such as sleds and GISS systems.
The "recoilless" spring class will include all spring action air rifles that have recoil compensation in the form of a damped sled or internal piston mechanism (GISS).

For all classes the rifles will be air rifles complying with UK non-FAC law and hence sub 12ft-lb.
Any choice of optic or dioptre or open sight may be used.
There will be no cap on optic magnification.
Adjustment of scope during shooting is permitted.
Calibres .177, .20, & .22 are all eligible.


Competitors may enter any or all classes as they wish for each round.
Competitors may use any eligible gun to enter. You do not have to use the same gun each month, however, to get the best score at year end it is recommended that you enter the same class for at least 10 months. If you shoot a PCP for 4 months and a springer for 8 months, you will not have a 10-month score for either class. 
The muzzle of the rifle may overhang the bench edge, but complete action remains rested on the bench.
There will be no time limit once shooting commences but competitors are expected to complete in one sit. Any number of sighter shots may be used on the given sighters or separate target cards for reassurance of sights zero.
Scoring will be carried out as per instruction diagram below. Flyers and cross shots are to be marked and scored as per instructions.
The maximum score attainable is 250 / 25X. X's are to be used in the event of a numerical tie. A tie of X's results in a noted draw.
Competitors are expected to carry out as much practise as they want but only one entry sitting per round is expected. This is to try and promote a real time competition environment and place the shooter under competition stress rather than carry out repetitive sittings and enter their best card.
In the spirit of AFBR, honesty, integrity and sportsmanship are expected. Any improvement in competitors’ marksmanship should be applauded. The competition is open to all, from complete novices to seasoned shooters. 
The competition will consist of 12 monthly rounds. 
A maximum of 10 rounds will be scored for aggregate total.
Total perfect score would be 2500 points and 250 X's available.
The 10 round scoreable of 12 available is to account for holiday, sickness and work.
There will be a winner announced for each class every round.
After 12 rounds each class champion will be announced.
Your best 10 of 12 rounds will automatically be selected for the competition.
Each target card should have information fields populated plus any extra info felt required. A blank card is unscored. 
Do not score your own card. Do take a picture of it for your reference. Once cards have beenscored the will be returned to the shop. 
Dan will usually score cards on a Friday and upload scores on the same day.  He will aim to do this weekly, however in the events of illness / holidays / kids / life he may miss a week and will score and upload as soon as he is able. 
If you have a scoring question or issue, please ask the Alders team to message Dan. 
A table of competitors, class and round totals will be available and updated at completion of each round.

Scoring Rules (Please read) 

'Best edge' rules apply
For instance, if you break the 9 ring then you score 9 not 8. The ring MUST be broken to apply.
If you clip the bullseye then you score 10.
To achieve a 10 X score the bullseye must be obliterated. The word obliterated has been purposefully chosen....
Cross shots, EG you accidently shot target 4 instead of target 5 are to be ringed and annotated and give a score of 0.
If a target has been shot twice, the lower score will be awarded. (Not a cross shot).


Example of our scoring against our score cards below: 

As stated above in the interest of fairness all scoring will be done by Dan M. He is relatively new to shooting but has a lot of experience officiating various things. He will be competing but will not be eligible for any prizes. He is a member of Alders Farm shooting range. 

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