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Members Arena...

As a member you will get exclusive use of our outdoor range and discounts on all of your bookings for the term of your membership. You will also have access to Tea & Coffee, Targets, PCP air refills and more..


If you are a sharp shooter why not enter our 25 yard Bench shooting competition. which is a monthly target shooting competition?


To enter simply book a lane and ask at the counter for Competition targets which costs £5 for 5. You can enter 1 target a month and prizes will be drawn monthly.  We look forward to seeing your name on the prestigious hall of fame...


Our Indoor Range

In 2017 the construction of our 25 yard indoor fully electronic, state of the art shooting range here at Alders Farm began. This allows the occupants to preset their desired distance from their own designated shooting bays using a touch pad type display! The 5 independent shooting bays offer independent control from a seated position or a standing position and a safe base to home in on your targets. We also have an array of smaller targets at floor level to keep you plenty occupied



We have added an 80 yard outdoor shooting range. Which has 5 independent bays all with shelter from the elements. Which has both moving targets and static targets to sharpen your marksmanship principles Including weather factors. This facility is for members only and can be accessed via our membership scheme.

To become a member you can now do this online! For the forms follow this link:

Info on filling a PCP Air rifle press here: