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Ash Lake (Match Lake)

What can be said about this lake that has not already been said, "Ash Lake has 30 generous pegs, where you can fish so many different methods and catch hard fighting carp all day long!... All year"...Drennan International

In January 2015 and under new ownership the lake was partially drained, all the bad mouthed and smaller carp removed and re-located, along with all the years old snags that the fish know all too well! All the pegs have since been replaced for new, safer, sturdier ones that will stand the test of time. This ensures that Ash Lake remains one of the finest match lakes in the UK.


Ash is a popular lake on the complex for club and open matches with summer bagging weights pushing 300lb and 100lb+ still possible in the depths of winter.

To Pre-Book you match at Alders Farm Fishery simply use the contact us page or give us a call at your earliest convenience. 


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Regards the fishery team 

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