A quick look at the lakes:


Pines – A quiet and attractive lake, with two islands and plenty of features which is nestled in the trees. It offers lots of variety, with carp to 10lb, Perch to 4lb , bream to 7lb and tench to 8lb along with plenty of smaller silverfish. Our works this winter are focused on Pines. 


Oak – This specimen lake is 3.5 acres and full of untapped potential. In mid-February 2015 this beautiful lake was netted and the vast shoals of silverfish and smaller carp were removed. Now home to Carp over 40lb and several other quality sized fish to back them up! Continual management and winter works planned for winter 2021 already in place. 


Ash – One of the finest match lakes in the UK with 30 generous pegs. This ensures there are so many methods you can employ to catch the lake's hard-fighting carp. A popular lake for club and open matches with summer bagging weights pushing 300lb and 100lb still possible in the depths of winter.


Mylo's – This little pond has six intimate pegs and is an ideal place for beginners, with lots of small carp from 2-4lb to keep you busy. 

Pump – A short walk from the the Pumphouse Cafe, this 14m wide lake is ideal for beginner's and is filled with 3-6lb carp and rudd.


Wood – Similar to Pump Lake but slightly wider at 20m in areas, again an ideal pond for beginner's. It is well stocked with 3-8lb carp and is a particular favourite amongst match anglers, especially in winter.