Alders Farm Fishery resides in the picturesque Brickhill Valley and boasts  three mature main lakes and three smaller ponds of which in recent years has seen vast improvements not only to its stocking program but also to its facilities.


All lakes have varying stock from record breaking nets of carp in our match lakes, to specimen sized Perch and specimen sized carp in our designated members only specimen carp lake, Oak Lake. 


Click on the images below to direct you to the page dedicated to each lake. 



Ash  Lake (Day Ticket Lake)  is one of the finest match lakes in the UK with 30 generous pegs, this ensures there are so many methods you can employ to catch the lake's hard fighting carp. A popular lake for club and open matches with summer bagging weights pushing 300lb and 100lb still possible in the depths of winter.




Oak Lake (Members Only Lake) is 3.5 acres and has various obvious and underwater features. Now home to Carp over 40lb and several other quality sized fish to back them up! Continual management and winter works planned for winter 2021 already in place. 



 Mylo's (Day Ticket Lake) This little pond has six intimate pegs and is an ideal place for beginners, with lots of small carp from 2-4lb to keep you busy. 

Pump (Day Ticket Lake) Is a short walk from the the Pumphouse Cafe. his 14m wide lake is ideal for beginner's and is filled with 3-6lb carp and rudd.


Wood (Day Ticket Lake) Is similar to Pump Lake but slightly wider at 20m in areas, again an ideal pond for beginner's. It is well stocked with 3-8lb carp and is a particular favourite amongst match anglers, especially in winter.


 Fishery rules  - For a full list of fishery rules please press the image on the left which will direct you to the rules page. If you are planning to fish Alders Farm Fishery please be aware of these rules as it may invalidate your day ticket if you are found to be not following the rules. 


Alders Farm Opening times - If you are planning on visiting Alders Farm please be aware of our opening times. 

To reduce traffic and parking congestion on Ivy Lane, please do not arrive at the fishery before 07:15. Please press the image on the left which will direct you to our current opening hours.