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Oak Lake: About

Oak Lake 2024- Syndicate Lake


Oak Lake is a mature reed lined lake of 3.5 acres in size, which is full of underwater features for its rather large inhabitants to take refuge, from its obvious island swims to its hidden bars, gravel traps, silt deposits and sunken island, there are plenty of features to keep you guessing.

 Oak Lakes stock:

100+ original carp up to 45lb

Including: 2 x 35lb+ Fish, With approx 100 from 10lb-30lb,

 Plus some smaller carp which are growing on & Perch to 5lb. 

Plus Added: 5 x Carp from 20-30lb+ in 2021

Plus Added: 6 x Vs Fisheries C5 Mirrors 2022 

Plus  Now Arrived: 7 x VS Fishery C5 Mirrors 2023 

Its safe to say that there is plenty to fish for and Oak Lakes future is firmly on the map.. The carp supplied from VS Fisheries are all putting on weight and most have been caught in excess of 20lb already. 

The Match Guys along with the fishery team have been on hand this year to thin out the smaller carp and Bream and continue this year on year to thin out the smaller stock. 

VS Fisheries arrivals 2023/22

Price for 2024 Syndicate Membership

New members:  (Limited numbers) A full payment of £399 this can be paid in several ways (credit/debit card via the website or BACS/Credit/Debit Card or Cash in Store) 

Oak Lake has limited membership places remaining for 2024. If you have been declined or banned from the syndicate please do not ask to re-join. 

You can also pay your syndicate places in store (credit/debit card via the website or BACS/Credit/Debit Card or Cash in Store) 

Oak lake Syndicate Rules: (all general fishery rules must be observed)

  • You must be in possession of a valid EA rod licence

  • 2 Rods maximum (Spod & Marker allowed)

  • NEW FOR 2024 - Boilie & Pellet Only

  • 15lb minimum mainline.

  • Must have & use a carp care kit

  • Barbless hooks only (No crushed barbs)

  • No leaders of any kind (including leadfree/lead core/fused leaders)

  • No Braided mainline (hook links allowed)

  • Fish with a minimum of 12” of rig tubing

  • A cradle or walled (Coffin style) unhooking mat is the minimum requirements

  • A 42” landing net is the minimum sized net

  • Freezer baits allowed only (Hook Baits/Pop-Ups Ok)

  • No Bread, Meat, Nuts, Particles or Crustations 

  • Fishery supplied pellets only 

  • No sacking or retaining of fish during warmer months (May-Sept)

  • Fish within your swim boundaries (see map)

  • No Bait Boat’s (unless agreed by fishery team)

  • Do not enter the water

  • All carp are to be photographed and returned safely

  • Zero tolerance for Drugs/Alcohol

  • No fishing guests allowed (Only Spouse/Partner/Child as non fishing guest)

  • All crack offs and live rigs to be reported immediately

  • Fish with fish safety in mind

  • You must report to the tackle shop before entering the fishery

  • Take all rubbish home!

  • Use the toilet facilities as provided!

  • You must be 18 or over to join the Oak syndicate!

Night fishing:

  • A 72hr Maximum stay (No return within 24hrs) Arrive at any time between 07:30 and dusk and leave when you want (within 48hrs)

  • Keep noise and excess light to a minimum please 

  • No Fires or BBQ'S (Stoves allowed)

  • You are allowed 1 non fishing guest (spouse/partner/child)

  • No Tents allowed (Bivvy, Brolly green fishing shelters only). 

  • 1 child rule explained* A child under the age of 15 will be allowed to fish alongside a member on the same swim with 1 rod and under strict supervision.

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