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Oak Lake (Members only specimen Lake)

Oak Lake is a near 4 acre playground for carp anglers.

With average depths of 6ft in summer making it easy to locate its inhabitants. Oak has an Island, over hanging tree's, reed beds and various underwater features of which make obvious shelter for the rather large inhabitants... its easy to see why anglers frequent here.


Re-Stocking of Oak continued  on the 7th December 2021 with 5 new fish adding to its already impressive stock. Now brings the numbers to.. 2 x 40lb+ Carp, 4 x 30lb+ Carp and numerous 20lb+ sized fish. Our plan is to keep removing smaller stock throughout the winter and into 2022. 


Rules for Oak Lake (all general fishery rules apply)

  • 2 Rods (Spod & Marker allowed)

  • No Shelf life Baits

  • Fishery own pellets 

  • No Bread/Floating baits

  • Barbless hooks only (No bent/crushed barbs)

  • No bait boats

  • No braided mainline

  • Never leave rods unattended

  • You must have a carp care kit

  • No stalking

  • You must have a carp cradle or high sided coffin style matt

  • No Leaders/Lead core/Fused leaders etc

  • Fish with a minimum of 12" of safety tubing

  • Must have a minimum of 15lb line

  • No Naked chods (or this style of angling)

  • Keep noise to a minimum

  • 24hr session's start and finish at 08:30am till 08:30am unless prior arrangements have been made with the fishery

  • Day session must be booked between 07:30 and dusk (1 hour before dark)

  • No Particle baits (Corn/Maggots/stick/groundbait mix allowed)

  • No carp to be retained during high temperatures ie (May-Sept) 

  • All crack-offs and live rigs to be reported immediately 

  • No alcohol or Drugs (zero tolerance) 

  • Do not enter the water

  • No BBQ's or Fires (stoves allowed) 

  • All carp caught are to photographed and returned safely to the water

  • Report anyone seen or found to be not following the rules immediately

Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing by time...


Lets take you on a flight over Oak Lake by Drone!.. enjoy 

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