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Andy Kendall, The Full Story

Alders Farm Fishery recently lost a friend and fellow angler after a brave battle with cancer!  

We would like tell you a little about Andy Kendall, and what led to his recent donation to Alders Farm Fishery:

Andy spent many a day fishing Oak lake with his best mate Pete over the past decade. In this time Andy grew very fond of Alders and the feeling was very much reciprocated.


Pete, Andy’s best friend offered these words;

“Andy would become completely absorbed in the place. Not just the fishing but he would say things like ‘This must be what heaven is like’ he truly loved the place, he enjoyed the chats with Trevor, the KNP matches that we did each year and the hard work and affection he was shown by Trevor and everyone towards the end”

In Andy’s later days he decided he wanted to leave something behind, a legacy for everyone else to enjoy and the Kendall strain was born.

Andy’s legacy and memory will go on for a lifetime at Alders Farm and beyond, not only because of the man he was, but because of the new strain of carp he introduced.

The newly introduced Kendall strain of Carp in pictures and it comprises of the following fish! The fish will be a massive boost to Oak lake and the future of specimen fishing at Alders Farm Fishery.

(1) Andy’s fish - 30.05 Mirror Carp

(2) Sam’s fish - 27.07 Mirror Carp

(3) Trevor’s fish - 27.12 Common Carp (SUV)

(4) Pete’s fish - 24.04 Common Carp

(5) Maurice’s fish - 24.10 Common Carp

Andy’s family members along with the team at Alders Farm erected a plaque in Andy’s corner (former Peg 1) in the memory of Andy, along with a bench that over looks his favourite swim, the newly and aptly named Andy’s Corner and joined the team with the release of the new fish.


“A man is what a man does”

Forever in our hearts. AK

Lastly a massive thank you to all of the Kendall family and his friends. Regards Team Alders

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