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Oak Lake Membership Page

What’s new for 2022 Members: 


(1) Oak lake is now a members only lake. For the sole* use of members only. We now have 2 types of memberships available. Day membership & Night membership.


(2) Alders farm have invested heavily into Oak lake, including several new large carp, which have all been micro tagged and photographed for our records, to show growth and to keep notes on which ones have been caught and the anglers who have caught them. This will protect the future of Oak Lake for our members.


(3) As part of your new Oak Membership your will receive 10% off all purchases in-store including bait, tackle and it also includes our Air gun range (Gun sale and membership fees not included). Talk to us if you wish to purchase anything you can’t find in-store and we will order it for you if available.

(4) Oak Night ticket members only can pre book your swims (A single swim can only be booked a maximum of 2 times per month to make this fair for all members) This must be done on the first Monday of each month. All pre-booked swims must be paid for in advance. Your other bookings will be on a first come first served basis. We ask that you arrive before 10am. Leaving time is 08:30am the following morning. This makes it fair on all members. 

(5) 1 Child (under 15) will be allowed to fish on the same swim free of charge when accompanied by a paying member.

The price for our new Oak Lake membership: 

Day membership £50 per year (Jan 1st till Dec 31st)

+£15 per day from dawn till dusk


Night membership (including both day & night)

£125 per year (Jan 1st till Dec 31st)

+£25 per 24-hour session


Fishing guests are priced at £30 per 24-hour period (pre-booked)

All to be pre booked in advance via the shop or by email.

Oak lake general rules:

(all general fishery rules must be observed)

If you do not have the following, please do not apply for a membership!

  • 2 Rods maximum (Spod & Marker allowed)

  • 15lb minimum mainline.

  • Barbless hooks only (No crushed barbs)

  • Fishery only pellets allowed (in store) 

  • No Particle Baits (Corn, Maggots, Ground bait, stick mix is allowed)

  • Freezer baits only (Mainline available with discount) 

  • 18 and above to fish Oak lake (unless accompanied by an adult)

  • No leaders of any kind (including leadfree/lead core/fused leaders)

  • You must be in possession of a valid EA rod licence

  • 24 hour sessions are from 08:30am till 08:30am (unless agreed with the fishery prior to session) 

  • Day sessions are from 07:30 till dusk (1 hour before dark)

  • No Braided mainline (hook links allowed)

  • A cradle or walled (Coffin style) unhooking mat is the minimum requirements

  • A 42” net is the minimum (2 nets ideal) 

  • Fish within your swim boundaries (see map)

  • No sacking or retaining of fish during summer months (May-Sept)

  • You must have a carp care kit (available in store) and use it where appropriate.

  • Zero tolerance for Drugs/Alcohol 

  • Do not enter the water unless accompanied

  • No stalking & Fish from dedicated swims only.

  • No surface fishing (Zig fishing allowed)

  • No Bait Boat (unless agreed by fishery team)

  • All carp are to be photographed and returned safely

  • All crack offs and live rigs to be reported immediately

  • Fish with a minimum of 12” of rig tubing.

  • Fish safely with fish safety in mind always.

  • You must report to the tackle shop before entering the fishery.

  • Take all rubbish home!

  • Use the toilet facilities as provided!

  • Fishing guests will be allowed for night members only (pre-booked) but at busy times this may not be possible. Your membership/Your guest so be warned.

If you have answered yes to all of the above, We look forward to welcoming you as a member to Oak Lake Alders Farm Fishery.


Here is the link to download your membership forms and pay:

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